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The College De-Stress Handbook

Learn to Make the Right Choices and Add Balance and Ease for a Great Experience


Navigating the college maze is stressful, with lots of personal and academic challenges along the way. The College DeStress Handbook can teach you what you can control and how to maintain ease and flow. Based on the Institute of HeartMath’s 20 years of stress and emotion self-regulation research, this handbook, highly touted by psychologists, professors and other educators,can help serious stud...

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Transforming Stress

Transforming Stress: The HeartMath Solution For Relieving Worry, Fatigue, And Tension
by Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman, Ph.D.

Gibt es in deutscher Übersetzung: Stressfrei mit Herzintelligenz®


STRESS-It's the quintessential buzz word of modern life. It hangs on everyone's lips from the first miles of the morning commute until the screeching alarm clock starts yet another day. Countless articles and studies tell the same story: lives controlled by unmanaged stress end earl...

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emWave® Meditation, Prayer and Self-Help Assistant (neu)

The emWave Meditation, Prayer and Self-Help Assistant provides a comprehensive understanding of how to use the emWave to enhance your spiritual/self-help practices.


Using the emWave and the Meditation, Prayer and Self-Help Assistant can be a facilitator to any system of meditation, prayer, self-help or healing techniques.


In this program, all systems and techniques are honored and respected. Whatever practices you follow, using the emWave creates more ease and flow from t...

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