The emWave 2 is the successor of the emWave PSR  with the same benefits but also USB connectivity for PC and MAC. 

The emWave technology is an innovative approach to improving wellness and facilitating personal growth based on learning to change your heart rhythm pattern to create coherence; a scientifically measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in our psychological and physiological processes.


Coherence Coach










Price (incl. VAT):  € 249.00

emWave2 Ear Sensor

The new emWave Ear Sensor has excellent signal quality, even under difficult conditions. Sleek design (smaller, thinner, lighter) is comfortable for extended wear and fits all sizes (child to adult).

The Ear Sensor has a compact profile and lightweight construction for a user friendly sensor. Great sensitivity and easy ear placement accommodates varying sizes readily and it's flexible cord allows for freedom of movement.

Requires and plugs into the new USB Sensor Module, which is i...

Price (incl. VAT):  € 43.99

emWave2® Carrying Case (Black)

Durable black faux leather case with belt clip for emWave2 —allows you to run sessions and view your coherence scores while protecting your emWave from wear and tear.

Price (incl. VAT):  € 17.50