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The Inside Story (e-Book)

The Inside Story: Understanding the Power of Feelings

Based on research by Doc Childre and the Institute of HeartMath


Written for teens and young adults, The Inside Story offers a simple explanation of the interplay between heart and brain, emotions, attitudes, and performance. Based on some of the latest research in neuroscience and emotional physiology, this 32-page booklet guides the reader through key ideas that promote healthy awareness and behavior, including a series...

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The Coherent Heart (e-Book)

New: IHM's most comprehensive scientific monograph to date offers an in-depth understanding of the role of the heart in system-wide coherence and a new perspective on heart–brain interactions and cognitive performance (64 pages).


The Coherent Heart explores communication within and among the body's systems through the generation and transmission of rhythms and patterns of psychophysiological activity. Using the pattern of the heart’s rhythmic activity as the primary physiologica...

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The Appreciative Heart (e-Book)

The Appreciative Heart: The Psychophysiology of Positive Emotions and Optimal Functioning.


The heart's connection with love and other positive emotions has survived throughout millennia and across many diverse cultures. Now, new empirical research is at last providing scientific validation for this age-old association. This 21-page monograph offers a comprehensive understanding of the Institute of HeartMath's cutting-edge research exploring the heart's central role in emotional exper...

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The Energetic Heart (e-Book)

The Energetic Heart: Bioelectromagnetic Interactions Within and Between People, by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.


Even when we're not consciously communicating with others, our physiological systems interact in subtle and surprising ways. Did you know that the electromagnetic signal produced by your heart is registered in the brain waves of people around you? Or that your physiological responses sync up with your mate's during empathetic interactions? Find out why the heart's electromagnetic...

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Heart-Brain Neurodynamics (e-Book)

Heart-Brain Neurodynamics: The Making of Emotions, by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.


As pervasive as they are in human experience, emotions have long remained an enigma to science. This comprehensive monograph explores recent scientific advances that clarify central controversies in the study of emotion, including the relationship between intellect and emotion, and the historical debate on the source of emotional experience. A discussion of the critical role of ascending input from the body...

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Neurocardiology (e-Book)

Neurocardiology--Anatomical and Functional Principles, by J. Andrew Armour, M.D., Ph.D.


Groundbreaking research in the field of neurocardiology has established that the heart is a sensory organ and a sophisticated information encoding and processing center, with an extensive intrinsic nervous system sufficiently sophisticated to qualify as a "heart brain." This insightful 19-page monograph is authored by pioneer neurocardiology researcher Dr. J. Andrew Armour of the University of Mo...

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